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OGAP Formative Assessment Training Updates

OGAP Formative Assessment Training Updates

OGAP Fraction Formative Assessment Teacher Leader Training:

In the fall of 2008, thirty-three teachers/teacher leaders from Southwest Vermont participated in a five day program which provided participants with the experience needed to use OGAP Formative Assessments and to train other teachers. The OGAP Teacher Leader Training was provided by Marge Petit and Bob Laird. Participants then provided training to over sixty mentees. This training consisted of eight to twelve hours of professional development using the cognitive research on fractions and the analysis of student pre-assessments. Many OGAP Teacher Leaders will continue to provide this professional development in the future with the goal of training all teachers who work with students in grades two through eight in mathematics.

OGAP Multiplicative Reasoning Training

In the summer of 2009, thirty-eight teachers/teacher leaders from Southwest Vermont participated in three days of training in the cognitive research and use of OGAP Multiplicative Reasoning Formative Assessments Trainers will be Beth Hulbert and Marge Petit. OGAP Teacher Leaders (those with teacher leader training from the fraction PD) are qualified to provide training in OGAP Multiplicative Reasoning.

OGAP Proportional Reasoning Training 

OGAP training pertaining to the cognitive research and use of OGAP Proportional Reasoning Assessments is now complete. The three day training was led by Marge Petit. There were thirty six participants- teachers, teacher leaders and administrators.

OGAP for Administrators

Marge Petit will lead an OGAP session for administrators on the evening of March 24, 2010 which will provide an introduction to the OGAP cognitive research and formative assessments. She will engage participants in a conversation related to how best to use the OGAP research and assessments to improve teaching and student learning.

OGAP Summit: Linking Multiplicative Reasoning and Fractions Across Grades 2-8

The SWVTCCC will sponsor a day, March 25, 2010, facilitated by Marge Petit to link aspects of the OGAP training to help improve our use of the OGAP tools and cognitive research.